Why is life so hard for some and not others

Why Life Is So Hard For Some And Not Others And How To Make Life Easy

Why Life Is So Hard For Some And Not Others: An Introduction

Have you ever thought why life is so hard sometimes or why life is so hard for some and not others? I am sure you have, and that you are really curious to find the answers to these fundamental questions of any human life. You must have heard people saying that life is a mixed bag. It has everything in it for everyone. You have your share of joy & bliss, but you also experience some dubious & difficult times in life. And in the end, it all makes sense and add-up to give you a truly balanced and beautiful life

But what if this is not the truth? What if some people forever remain buried at the bottom of the life bag under a heavy amount of weight, which does not ever let them be happy? In fact, most of the people in their lives remain either at the bottom or at the top of the bag. Some of them always see the good times, while for a big chunk of people, life always remains very tough & painful. It forces us to ponder upon the obvious. So, why is life so hard for some and not others?

Why Life Is So Hard For Some And Not Others

Why life is so hard for some and not others
Why Life Is So Hard For Some And Not Others

Let’s come straight to the point. The factors that make life easy or hard are either within or outside us. Some of them are totally within our control, and some are little or almost beyond us. But with our knowledge, courage, and efforts, we can extend our authority over them. That is what we are going to work on in this blog. Firstly, we will know what factors make life hard or easy. Secondly, we will learn in detail how they affect our lives. Thirdly, we will learn how to create, extend, or grow our control over them to make our lives easier. And in the end, we will see some general pointers to keep in mind to live your best possible life.

Hence, we will not only learn why life is hard for some and not others, but we will also find ways to make life really easy.

So, let’s start this exciting journey to satisfy your curiosity regarding what makes a life easy or hard. 

We will begin with the factors that are under our control. The first factor that tells us why life is so hard for some and not others is our minds.

Why Life Is So Hard For Some And Not Others: The Mind

Our mind, brain, or intelligence is the creation’s greatest gift to us. It gives us the ability to sense, think, feel, emote, choose, and act, to name a few. Everything we do starts in our minds. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that our mind creates our reality! Hence, the people who can make their minds merge or unite with their needs, wants, and choices live their best possible lives. That is to say, they not only live an easy but an enjoyable life as well. But the people who have an out-of-control mind live a confused, sad, and unsuccessful life. So, if we study our minds closely, it’s not too difficult to understand why life is so hard for some and not others.

Let us see how this happens in different states of our minds.

An Uncontrolled Mind

How to control your mind
An Out-Of-Control Mind

Have you ever asked yourself – why do I have to struggle for everything? Well, the most likely answer to this question is probably an uncontrolled mind!

A person with a totally uncontrolled mind lives the life of a slave. He can only do what his ‘wild’ mind tells him to do. Even if he knows or wants to do the right things for himself or the people around him, he is not permitted to do them. His mind works like a dictatorial and exploitative master who gets everything done by his slave without paying him any compensation. In fact, the things that a person with an uncontrolled mind does can make him do very inconsiderate and inhuman acts. It may force him to commit several heinous crimes that will ultimately land him in prison. The best you can do with an uncontrolled mind is to not do anything at all in life. But that’s not an easy thing to do either!

Hence, an uncontrolled mind shows you exactly why life is so hard for some and not others. It is hard because it never works like you want it to work. It works in its own uncontrolled manner, which makes your life hell, and as a result, too hard to live.

That means that you need to work on your mind. We will see how you can do that, in the subsequent paragraphs. But before that, let us explore what will happen if you can successfully enhance or build your control over your mind to some extent.

 A Partially Controlled Mind

Once you have worked on your mind and gained some control over it, things will start getting better. But you will still have to go through difficult times in life. That is because the control over your mind, is now shared between your mind and you. Your mind is still uncontrolled, although only up to an extent now. So, there will be situations where your mind will not let you function freely according to your wishes. It will make you feel overwhelmed, and eventually, you will act by what your mind directs you to do. You won’t be able to make your own choices.

In other situations, you will feel confused, frustrated, and indecisive. It is the state when the control is shared between you and your mind. It will make you struggle but not as much as you did with a totally uncontrolled mind. And there will also be times when you will have complete control over your mind. It will help you generate the thoughts of your choice, work upon them effortlessly, and achieve what you want.

Hence, a partially controlled mind, lets you not only know why life is so hard for some and not others, but it actually makes your life easier. It makes your mind and life a lot more stable. Also, it opens up a window of opportunity for you to start living your best possible life.

It calls for utilising this window of opportunity. The little bit of control that you have gained over your mind, must be utilised smartly to gain complete control of your mind. It will change your life magically, and life won’t be hard anymore.

A Controlled Mind

When you develop total control over your mind, you become its master. It will do whatever you want it to do for you. If you want it to stay still, it will become and remain still, helping you tap into your consciously meditative mode. It will help you ‘recharge’ yourself completely. It will protect you from committing compulsive actions, which will remove all your addictions to heal you from the inside. This meditative mode will also make you more sensitive to the things that happen within and around you. This all-around knowledge about yourself will give you the intent, courage, and strength to change them to your liking through your actions. It will help you make inroads to make progress in your life. In short, it will make your life easy.

Hence, a wholly controlled mind will let you decode why life is so hard for some and not others. It will not only make your life easy, but will also give you a chance to help others do it for themselves. It will help you make the world a more equal, just, and much better place to live for all. 

But how can we establish our control over our minds? 

Here are some simple ways to start controlling your mind and make life easy:
  • Do not believe every thought that comes to mind, especially the bad ones.
  • Don’t start doing anything as soon as it comes to mind.
  • Do not jump to conclusions too soon about anything until absolutely necessary.
  • Observe, analyse, re-think about every thought that your mind generates before acting on any of them.
  • Promote, strengthen, increase the frequency of the positive thoughts that make you feel good.
  • Try reaching the depth of the negative thoughts and find out their reason.
  • Work on those causes of negative thoughts and root them out completely.
  • Add positive thoughts in front of the negative ones to turn the latter into the former.
  • Filter & choose the best thoughts from amongst the positive ones to speak or act in the best possible manner. 
  • Stay above your mind and your thoughts to become their master. 

But controlling the mind is just one of the many factors that answer why life is so hard for some and not others. The next factor that we are going to see is our body.

2) Why Life Is So Hard For Some And Not Others: The Body

The next factor that determines whether we live an easy or a hard life, is our body. Our body is our ‘gadget’ with which we interact with life. We experience the constituents of life (land, water, air, fire, space) with the sense organs (feel, taste, smell, hear, see) that come embedded in our body. We act only in response to what our body detects, senses, and registers. The actions that we take, are also performed by our bodies. By these actions, we not only ensure our survival but also satisfy our desire for growth. Every action that we perform, helps us achieve various positions, feats, and milestones in life, which make our lives easy and worth living. 

But the ease of life provided by the body doesn’t come on its own. It has to be created or at least needs to be maintained. One has to work on their body to make it strong, resilient, and buoyant. The ones who do, live an easy life, but the ones who don’t, are forced to live a hard one. All their lives, they keep wondering why life is so hard for some and not others, but fail to get a precise answer.

Let’s see the various states of the body that lead to the formulation of a hard or an easy life.

A Sick Body

Why Life Is So Hard For Some And Not Others
Diseases Make Life Hard

The body is home to the greatest pleasures known to humanity, like peace, joy, happiness, and bliss, to name a few. But if it is not taken care of, the same body may become home to many deadly diseases. And diseases are very harsh on the body. They cause different types of complicated problems. The biggest threat to the body by any disease is that of death. Diseases can wipe off a body in no time. Diseases not only make life hard, but sometimes, they even end it. So, it is pertinent to take care of your body and its health.

Sickness Makes The Body Weak

We will see how we can build and maintain a perfectly healthy body, in the coming paragraphs. When the challenge of death is avoided somehow with positive actions or by god’s blessings, the next challenge is to fight the ill-health. Almost all diseases make you bed-ridden, either due to their inherent nature, or for faster healing of the body. You have to take heavy & strong doses of medicines that make your body weaker along with causing side effects to the body. The point is that the process of healing is too long, painful, and taxing. You have to show a lot of patience, courage, and willpower to hang in there. But even when you recover fully from a deadly disease, its effects remain on your body, and they subside very slowly. Hence, the recovery process cures your body fully but not without making it weak and vulnerable.

When the body carries deadly diseases, it is natural to ask the question, why me? Why is life so hard for some and not others? But the truth is that we took our guard off our body that made us sick. Hence, it is necessary to take care of our body and keep it free from diseases to live a simple and easy life.

Prevention is better than cure! Another reason to prefer prevention over cure is that you may successfully cure a disease, but it will leave behind its scars. It would make your body weak, vulnerable, & fragile.

A Weak Body

The recovery process takes a heavy toll on the body and renders it weak. Apart from diseases, certain body types are physically weak by nature. People with weak bodies are generally low on energy. It may push them into an involuntary inactive state in life. That is to say, they may be willing to do a task, but because of their low energy profile, they may not be able to do so. It’s even more frustrating if you are both willing and skilled enough to finish the job at hand but are unable to do so because of the low energy in your body.

If you are determined enough, you may complete the job partially or with compromised quality, but the low energy will certainly, affect your performance. It will make things more difficult for you to accomplish. It will take a herculean and consistent effort for a long time before you can achieve a strong and fully healthy body. 

When you have a disease, you know why life is hard for you and easy for others. But when you have a weak body, it is a confusing situation. There is no clear-cut answer as to why life is so hard for some and not others. You can only work towards having a strong & healthy body and hope that life gets more energetic, cheerful, and easier in the future.

And with some sincere, persistent, and continuous hard work on the body, it begins to become healthier and starts gaining strength, power, and might to give you an easy life.

A Healthy Body

When the body reaches its best possible health, it can finally work to realise its full potential. That is because a totally healthy body reaches its zenith. It develops the ability to generate, access, and extract all its internal abundance and utilise it to create the life you want to live. A healthy body is more alert, active, and accomplished for the various tasks you have to perform. It lets you do several activities at their highest possible quality in the minimum possible time. It makes you live your best possible life, which is to say, it makes your life very easy, comfortable, and joyful to live.

Developing and maintaining a healthy body helps you gain first-hand knowledge regarding why life is so hard for some and not others. It tells you the value of a healthy, strong, and fit body in converting a tough life into an easy one. And it motivates you to keep working on your body to keep it in the best of shapes till you are alive!

How do we make and keep our bodies healthy, strong, and fit?

Do the following to keep your body in the best of shapes & conditions and make life easy:
  • Link your body to your mind by practicing meditation so that you understand it better.
  • Cleanse your body regularly from within through various ways like fasting, drinking a sufficient amount of water, and keeping it active.
  • Keep your body working by doing physical exercises, playing outdoor sports, and working out in the gym.
  • Prepare a balanced and clean diet schedule that keeps your body healthy, energetic, and cheerful.
  • Be mindful of everything you eat or drink by prior researching and reading your body’s signals.
  • Get rid of addictions to alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, or even too much food.
  • Do not ignore any imbalance, pain, or aberration in the body, as it might be a sign of an injury or a disease in the making.
  • Keep the mind healthy to keep the body free of threats.

The next factor, which is within our control and decides why life is hard for some and not others, is the effort we put into our lives.

3) Why Life Is So Hard For Some And Not Others: Efforts

Why Life Is So Hard For Some And Not Others

Once we have a fully controlled mind and a healthy body, we need to put the optimal amount of effort into our lives to make it easy. If we are laid-back and miser in putting in the required hard work into every action we perform, our life will become very hard. That is because we will become a burden on ourselves and everybody around us. We will reduce ourselves to the identity of liability to people when we should have been an asset to them. And this will keep forming layers after layers of ‘rust’ on our mind and body. It may push us towards our original position of an uncontrolled mind and a sick body. So, we need to ensure that we are constantly utilising our mental and physical resources positively, towards creating something durable and worthwhile.

When our work and efforts bring favourable results, it will enhance our confidence and give us the inner strength to make and keep life easy. It would make us skilled, consistent, and expert performers and grant us the ability to change our present and future for the better. It will make us responsible, capable, and effective in everything we try to do. 

The people who are conscious of their responsibilities, who constantly work towards a set goal, and achieve them through their devotion and commitment, live an easy life. But people who are unwilling to put in the required effort, who are interested in existing like a liability on others, and who don’t have any target in life live a hard life! That is why they keep wondering why life is so hard for some and not others!

Let’s see how different degrees of effort put in by people make their life easy or hard.


Laziness is the biggest enemy of a person. It slows, stagnates, and shuts our intelligence, capacity, and potential. Also, it doesn’t let us realise our true potential by pushing us into inactivity, inaction, and dormancy. It develops an inclination towards lifelessness. It is an important explanation for why life is so hard for some and not others.

The biggest challenge when we are lazy is to come out of this static state. But laziness doesn’t end right there. It will make you a dreamer. You will want certain things in life but won’t be able to work towards them. It will give you so much ‘enjoyment’ in dreaming itself that you won’t be willing to work towards your dreams. And if you gather the courage and might to come out of dreams and move forward to achieve them, you will become a ‘planner’. You will plan extensively but won’t take any action to execute them.

The biggest problem with a lazy planner is that he is scared. He feels that if he left his dreams and plans, he might be stranded. That is to say, he may lose all the ‘perks’ of laziness and might not be able to realise his dreams & plans either. So, a lazy person remains stuck in the vicious circle of being a risk-averse personality. But being inactive, a dreamer, or a planner, are various stages of laziness, and they signify progress in the right direction towards activeness. 

Laziness Makes Life Hard

A lazy person’s life is naturally very hard. He is teased by his own confused mind and insulted by the people around him. So, he must eventually work towards work, action, and activity. 

Life feels the hardest for a lazy person as he is not willing to work. The feeling of why life is so hard for some and not others is too strong in his mind. He thinks everyone else is lazy too, yet they live a good life. He is unaware of his own sorry state.

So, next time when you ask yourself why life is so hard sometimes, first ask yourself whether you have honestly put the required amount of effort in your life. Laziness answers perfectly well why life is easy for some and hard for others.

And when you realise your inactivity and wish to get going, you would finally gather the courage to start acting in life.


Activeness makes life much easier as against laziness & inactivity. It makes you work towards your goal and gives you a purpose in life. And in the process, it makes you strong, resilient, and sharp. Once you get active regarding your planned targets, goals, and objectives, you need to start gathering the raw materials required to achieve them. It includes sharpening your memory, consciousness, and overall intelligence along with making your body strong, unbreakable, and full of stamina so that it could support your intelligence. And in the end, you need to arrange for the physical resources required to make things work.

The next thing you need to do is to organise these resources that you have. Organising, preparing, and placing them in your plans and reality, will help you know their usefulness, making you able to use them optimally at the right time. It gives you the perfect position from where you can start the execution of your plan. And when you are truly prepared, you have to execute these plans to accomplish the activity and achieve your goal. When you rise from laziness to carry out an act to perfection with success, you have successfully turned a hard life into an easy one.

An activity is fulfilling in itself, irrespective of whether you succeed in it or not. Laziness keeps you deprived of this satisfaction. So, when you are sincerely active, you will never ask why life is hard for some and not others. You will realise that anyone who works honestly will always have an easy life!

But an active person would not stop even after success. He will be visionary, alert, and proactive to see the future from a distance and plan an appropriate set of responses.


Pro-activeness is the opposite of laziness. While a person is pro-active, he based on his wisdom, intelligence, and experiences, predicts, or forecasts about what may happen in the future. He prepares a whole set of possibilities and assigns various probabilities of them happening. And based on these calculations, he plans how he will tackle the situation step-by-step. Pro-activeness not only makes life easy in the present, but also gives you a chance to plan your actions for the future and make it easy as well.

Pro-activeness is a luxury that you access only when you have handled your present to perfection. It can also be acquired if you are very clear about the future, which will actually help you start preparing for it right now. It is the way of the visionary people who have gone on to become legends. By their pro-activeness and vision, they not only changed their own lives, but also the lives of millions of other people. Pro-activeness not only makes life easy, but it lets you hack into the future and make it simple too. So, if you really want to make your life shift from being hard to become easy, get pro-active instead of lazy.

Pro-activeness not only tells you why life is so hard for some and not others, but it also tells you the way to an easy life in the future. It makes you do surplus activity in the present so that you can build an easy future.

The next factor in exploring why life is so hard for some and not others is a factor that is outside you and relatively beyond your control. It is the presence or absence of people in your life.

4) People

Why Life Is So Hard For Some And Not Others
Why Is Life So Hard For Some And Not Others

The most important person in one’s life is the person himself. That is because everyone around him and in the world matters to him only if he is alive. So, the most significant relationship someone has is the relationship with himself. Even when no one is around, he can still survive on his own. Then comes his various relationships with other people in his life. People & relationships bring more meaning, love, & happiness into our lives. They give you various emotional, material, and financial support, which helps you build a better life. And with these bonds & support systems created by human relations, we design the life we desire to live. 

So, people other than ourself, play a significant role in making our lives easy. When someone doesn’t have the correct number or kind of people in their lives, life seems hard to live. It forces them to keep looking for an answer to why life is so hard for some and not others.

Let’s see how the presence or absence of people makes our lives easy or hard.

No Close People (Fighting Loneliness)

Family is a beautiful thing, but everyone is not fortunate enough to have one. Death may ruin families. But weak bonds among family members may also weaken the concept of a family for many people. They are scared to make friends and meet new people as they may not know how it works. So, one feels lonely and demotivated to live their life. Life seems hard without people, without any doubt. But we cannot give up on life. When there is nobody close to us, we have to become our own best friends and mentor. If we can establish a strong bond with ourselves, we will also know how to form close relationships with other people. And we will be able to build a family with bonds more robust than in a real family. You will have a small circle of your most trusted, loyal, and reliable people with you.

When you are alone, it’s not a time to wonder why life is so hard for some and not others, but to build your own circle of dependable & authentic people who would make your life easy.

But this small group of close people won’t solve your problem miraculously. It will have its own challenges that will tend to make life hard again.

A Small Circle of Close People (Cherishing Family)

Having a family or a group of close people is a clear advantage. It works both as a shock-absorber and a launchpad to your career and your life in general. It is probably the best answer to why life is so hard for some and not others. But the problem with family is that it cannot guarantee an easy life ahead. In fact, it may complicate things a bit.

Disadvantages of A Family

First of all, you may start becoming careless about your well-being when you have people around you who care about you. It may take you off-track in various spheres of life like health & career. It may make your personal life harder.

Secondly, no family is perfect. After all, it is composed of human beings who are not perfect either. There are several loopholes in the concept of a family, which may increase your troubles. For example, there may be bouts of mistrust, misunderstandings, and a consequent fight or brawl. Also, there may be a clash of interests among the members, which may deepen the divide in the family.

Another weakness of the idea of a family is that it has a limited influence on your life. After all, you cannot stay with your family all the time. So, they cannot protect, support, or help you without fail. You have to go out and meet new people, work with them, and try and add them to your family, which will bring new challenges and troubles.

But the benefits of having a family or group of close people far outweigh its drawbacks. These drawbacks are inherent to the concept of any group of people. They are weaknesses, not disadvantages. 

Thus, having a family or a group of close & reliable people doesn’t mean that life will become easy once and for all. It may be easier than before, but the struggle to make life further easy continues. The curiosity regarding why life is so hard for some and not others remains unanswered.  

So, in search of a better and easier life, people create more relationships with more people outside the family.

A Large Circle of Close People (Building The Caravan)

You cannot stay within the comforts of the family continuously or forever. Sooner or later, you will have to step out into the world, one which is full of uncertainties, unknowns, and strangers. Some of these people would be good & hospitable, some indifferent, and the rest, rude, unfriendly, and even hostile. You have to be around them, work with them, and deal with them day-in and day-out. That is when life feels the hardest for many people. It is because, to be safe, sound, and happy around strangers, you have to add them to your family and the circle of your close confidants. It is the real test of life where most people fail and give up on life while guessing why life is so hard for some and not others. 

If you can succeed in making these strangers a part of your family, your life will become a lot easier. But if you can’t, it will remain harder relatively. It will feel easy only when you are with your small family. So, with people, the bigger you make your family circle, the easier your life gets.

When you have the maximum number of people added to your family or your group of close people, your life will become the easiest possible. And there will still be scope to make it further easier by adding more people to the list. That is when you will truly understand why life is so hard for some and not others.

How can we start being loved by people to make them a part of our family?

Here are a few handy tips to be liked and loved by people outside your family:
  • Feel good, confident, and happy about yourself.
  • Be joyful, smiling, and inviting to people.
  • Do not think, talk, or act against them.
  • Be ready to offer & provide help to anybody in need.
  • Give them emotional, professional, & financial support when you can afford it.
  • Be a good listener more than a good talker with people.
  • Understand, compliment, and encourage people for a better life.
  • Be loyal, trustworthy, and a good companion.
  • Keep their interests above yours as and when you can.
  • Spend time with them, shake hands, embrace, when they need it.
  • Make them feel warm, wanted, and blissful around you.

People are the main ingredient, but there is still more to life. There are more factors that decide whether your life will be easy or hard. The next in line are the situations that you may face in life.

5) Situations

Situations: Threats, Challenges, And Opportunities
Situations: Threats, Challenges, And Opportunities

Life contains unlimited possibilities. There are many types of situations that we are faced with at different points in time. Some circumstances are favourable to us. That is to say that they pan out exactly, according to our wishes. They give us an edge over difficulties and our enemies and help us extract the best out of them. In short, they make our lives easier. But some situations are only partially in our favour. We have to struggle relatively harder in those to survive and make the most of them. They can also go against us if we don’t toil hard enough by coming out of our comfort zones while facing them. Hence, these situations are considered harder than favourable situations.

Then, there are situations that are totally against us. We have little or no knowledge or experience about them. They make us work the hardest, and despite all the hard work, there is a high probability of us failing in front of them. They make life very hard for us. 

People with a higher frequency of favourable situations in their lives are supposed to live a comparatively easier life than people who face higher instances of unfavourable conditions. Hence, differentiating and calculating the favourable & unfavourable situations in one’s life tells you why life is so hard for some and not others.

Let’s see how different types of situations make our lives easy or hard.


You will have to face threats at every stage of life. Everything you do will make you scared for no reason. It is the hidden fear of the threats involved in them. The biggest risk threats pose to you is to eliminate you. When you work for a company, the threat of being fired from the job always hangs above your head. But that is only when you don’t work or perform well for them. But if you are the not-giving-up kind of person, you will fight! You will function honestly, sincerely, and to the best of your ability, which will bring excellent outputs for the company. You will receive appreciation for your work, a rise in salary, and probably a promotion.

When you have reached a reputable top position in your company, you are less likely to be fired if you don’t commit an extreme blunder. It means you have now successfully eliminated the threat of being fired. You are in a much better position, and your life has become relatively smoother. But the people who cannot do what you did, remain threatened and live a hard life. 

Threats may completely take you off-guard and wipe you off completely without any prior warning. They remain the gravest danger and uncertainty in people’s lives. They are a big reason why life is so hard for some and not others.

Eliminating threats won’t give you too much of a respite. Once you remove them, you should now tackle challenges.


Challenges are less threatening but are more frequent in our lives. In fact, everything we do is kind of a challenge for us. They need us to leave our comfort zones and face them one to one. If we lose this battle, we may have to slip back into the threatened zone. But challenges give you more chances and are not as punishing as threats. They give us a certain amount of time to prepare for them, mentally and materially. And when we are ready, we must face them with all our might. We should look to defend, attack, and defeat them ultimately. Winning over a challenge gives you the confidence to handle many more of them and make inroads into an easier life. Challenges make you reach a much better position in life. That is why sometimes, challenges are even called opportunities.

Challenges keep life easier than what threats do to your life. But they want you to stay alert, recognise them, and keep fighting. Hence, even though challenges contribute to our understanding of why life is so hard for some and not others, they do not make life easy.

What makes life a lot easier than threats and challenges is an opportunity.


Opportunities are the best situations one can have in life. They are chances that you have to encash in life to make and keep life manageable. Converting an opportunity into success is what makes life meaningful, beautiful, and effortless. But not every opportunity becomes a success. Many opportunities remain either unrealised, get wasted, or are missed by people! When opportunities go begging, sadness & depression cloud us. But life is synonymous with opportunities, just like they are with challenges. And with better planning, powerful preparation, and intelligent execution, opportunities can be converted into successful attempts. All it takes to grab opportunities is perseverance, focus, and dedication to our goal. And when we seize the opportunities given by life, we gain confidence, self-respect, and clarity in life. 

So, opportunities may still need us to struggle a bit to convert them into success. But once we do, life becomes easy. Hence, along with eliminating threats and facing challenges, we should also keep an eye on grabbing our opportunities with both hands. Seizing your opportunities will give you the exact answer to why life is so hard for some and not others. And once you are enlightened with this knowledge, you will know how to make your life easy forever.

The last factor that answers why life is easy for some and not others is arguably the most popular and the most important one. It is money!

6) Money

Money Makes Life Easy
Money Makes Life Easy

Money is the most important thing when it comes to living a good material life. Everything you need, want, and dream for, needs money in your hands. If you have it, you would never ask why life is hard for some and not others. Money is enlightenment in itself in the physical world. If you have money, you will know, change, and even make the rules here. You will be considered a leader. Money makes life easy in many ways. First of all, it gives you financial security. It is a psychological booster to a person. If you know you have sufficient money with you, you feel safe, insured, and assured of a bright future. Secondly, money won’t let you die of hunger, starvation, or the lack of any other basic necessity.

If you can earn some more money, it can also give you a comfortable and luxurious life. It will make your stay on this planet pleasant, enjoyable, and stress-free. Thirdly, money makes you a better person. When you feel your life to be good, you can keep getting better, to finally become your best self with people. It helps you help people more. And helping people makes you compassionate, kind, and fulfilled in life. 

Rich people live the easiest of lives. But people without enough money keep struggling to be a better person, for themselves and others. They have to live a hard life without money. That is to say, people with less money get a somewhat bitter answer to why life is so hard for some and not others.

Let’s see how the absence, scarcity, or presence of money in one’s, makes life easy or hard.

No Money/Poverty

Life without money is like a body without blood. As money keeps drying up from your pocket, you get closer and closer to death. And when you are not left with any money at all, it’s just a matter of time when you would say your goodbyes to the world. Life is the hardest without any money in it. Money is the basic need to satisfy your starvation, hunger, and your need for food. When you have nothing to eat, your body becomes weak, fragile, and vulnerable to various diseases. So, you have to beg, borrow, or earn money to stay afloat in life. Even a little money will help you survive. It can give you hope and the strength to wait for better days. And when you have enough money for your daily food, you can say life is possible now. But it is still far from easy. 

The question about why life is so hard for some and not others is most relevant in terms of money. That is because it’s not in our hands where we are born. We may be rich by birth, but we may also not be rich when we are born. It’s nobody’s fault but one of life’s harsh truths!

Food is not a human being’s ultimate wish. Once we have a source for our daily bread, it’s time to enter into the struggle for a better life.

Decent Amount of Money/Middle Class

Once we have enough money for our daily food, the next thing that will keep us engaged will be the struggle for development. In this phase, we will have to ensure a better life free from the fight for survival and too much turbulence. We have to look to earn more money so that life gets relatively easier. To do this, we first have to prepare, learn, and develop our own unique way of struggle to earn more money. We have to find a more stable source of income. It may be from single or multiple sources. But in this phase, generally, there is more than one source of income for people. It is the result of both choice and compulsion as the amount of money with us is low.

The Way To Becoming Rich

After working hard continuously for a decent amount of time, income and life tend to become more stable. You have reached a phase in life where it is easy to stay afloat financially. You have a regular & reliable source of income, you have insured everything valuable you have, including yourself, and you also have sufficient savings in your bank account. That is when you start thinking of taking off. You start trying to grow by investing your money with the hope of good returns. You develop multiple high-income sources that take you towards wealthiness. And gradually, you start owning different forms of wealth in various parts of your country. You start becoming rich, and life starts getting much easier!

We ask why life is so hard for some and not others, only when we don’t have enough money in our bank accounts. When our pockets start getting heavier with money, this question’s relevance in our life starts dipping. 

When growth has come in your life, you begin to march towards becoming affluent. 

High Amount of Money/Rich 

Affluence is the best explanation for why some people have great lives and others don’t. Life is easy when you become affluent. You have a big bank balance, lavish bungalows, and your favourite sports cars standing at your door. It is no more a matter of survival or even growth for you now. You begin to move towards fulfilling all your fancy desires! A large amount of money, or a big house, or big cars, are just the beginning of an affluent lifestyle.

When you are rich enough, you want to have every variant of every magnificent thing in the world. You feel like consummating all your wants, longings, and cravings. Once you are done with that too, you start travelling the world to develop new interests and hobbies. You buy, use, and enjoy them too. All this not only gives you enjoyment but also a rich experience, exposure, and perspective that you can utilise to make your life even more worthwhile. And finally, when you have all the physical comforts, luxuries, and whatnot, you start looking for freedom, liberation, and nirvana. So, money is not all about living a good life. It is also a way to the ultimate. It is a way to spirituality and everything that makes life not only easy but also eternal!

But what is the way to becoming rich?

To become rich, follow the following tips in life:
  • Do not complain, feel bad, or get angry about your weak economic condition.
  • Accept your financial situation, keep calm, and start thinking of ways to increase your income.
  • Make a well-planned, realistic, and balanced daily routine, starting early in the morning.
  • Start looking for and find a job according to your skills & preferences.
  • Keep looking for ways, opportunities, and the right time to start your own business.
  • Minimise or eliminate unnecessary and wasteful expenditures.
  • Start learning to save, invest and grow your money. 
  • Be consistent, work hard, and be honest with your work and your plans.
  • Keep your money invested in a well-diversified manner in various high-yielding avenues to minimise risks.
  • Never compare your economic situation or money holdings with others.

When a rich person thinks about why life is so hard for some and not others, he thinks of it in the context of spirituality and not anything else. Too much money makes you think about the very purpose of your existence on this planet. The physical life becomes easy, but the next challenge is the spiritual life that continues even beyond death.

Why Life Is So Hard For Some And Not Others: The Conclusion

If we are born in a place or situation where life is hard, it’s not our fault. There is no guarantee for an easy life. But it will be a blunder if we don’t do what is in our hands. We should do everything possible to make our lives easy. The above-given factors that make life hard or easy are now known to us. We should take these factors into our own hands, work on them, and turn them in our favour. Doing this will not only put an end to your curiosity regarding why life is so hard for some and not others, but it will also help you help others come out of it. It will make you a leader and let you tell the whole world how to make one’s life easy, meaningful, purposeful, and worth living!

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