Why & How To Be Unique

Why & How To Be Unique

Why & How To Be Unique
Why & How To Be Unique

Uniqueness Vs Security

Everyone seeks uniqueness. This is because uniqueness provides freedom, an identity of your own and your own space in this world full of people. Yet people become very common and similar to each other. Why? Because they feel the need for various types of security like financial, psychological and survival security. It’s like a trade-off between ‘achieving yourself’ and ‘survival’ in which they chose the latter.


Security is Actually Insecurity

But if people stop taking refuge in security and push themselves to achieve their real selves, they would not only become secure but will also shine. It’s all about taking that risk. Actually, it’s not even a risk, it’s a given that you will achieve your authentic self if you give up security. On the other hand, security is the most uncertain & insecure thing in the world. This is because, first of all there is no such thing as guaranteed security. No one is or can become 100% secure except in the case where one achieves his/her authentic self. 

Security makes you Limited

         In fact, security makes you vulnerable and limited. You want to remain secure so you don’t move out of your house. It does keep you ‘securely’ alive but it also disallows you from accessing the enormous opportunities that going out offers! On top of this, security is very uncertain as even in your home you can get killed. The building itself may collapse. There may be a fight among family members when you stay together for so long. Outside predators may enter your home and do the job. So, instead of becoming secure we should embrace uniqueness even if it comes at the cost of everything you have.

Loneliness is Power

Loneliness Is Power
Loneliness Is Power


People fear being alone. It feels like darkness & emptiness. But loneliness, darkness and nothingness are the most productive of places. It will make you self-dependent. It will develop the ability to tackle any challenge on your own. And anyways you do realize in times of need that nobody stands with you. So, why live your life in fake security? Instead, depend on something that never ditches you. YOURSELF! 

Uniqueness Offers Benefits

            Only unique people get to the top in any field. A person longing for security will barely make a livelihood. He will lose self-respect to others from whom he takes help. Remember that the world gives respect to only those who help others and not who depends on others. If you need help, they will give it but they won’t be able to give you respect. It’s not their fault. This is the law of nature. You need to use the existence-value of people and not their use-value. You have to make something out of nothing to earn respect. And this is possible only if you are unique and yourself! 

Become Unique

         So, how to become unique? In this world and in our societies various communities, groups and loyalties are already in place. You cannot avoid them even if you want to. How do we be unique here? First of all, stop relating yourself to these groups and start understanding yourself in isolation. What are you without all these created groups? Realize where you stand without them. You would feel empty and small but that’s OK. Use this emptiness to grow. When you feel empty, you feel an unquenchable thirst and hunger in everything you do. This curiosity and re-ignited energy would make you grow very fast in everything you do. It will make you extremely alert and super-able. But even upon dissociating yourself from the society, you have to be involved in it. More involved than ever before. This is because the abilities you develop through uniqueness and achieving yourself need to be utilized for the higher benefit of the mankind. 

Uniqueness Is A Responsibility

         Power is the greatest responsibility! When you are out of the society and its groups, you would be unprejudiced and unbiased. You would get a clear picture about what are the problems of the society and it’s people and what are its possible solutions. And once you know these solutions you won’t be able to stop yourself from acting towards them. 

Be Unique, Reach Your Highest Self

Be Unique
Be Unique

        In this way you would be able to successfully move from a ‘fearful you’, longing for security to a more ‘potent and powerful you’ that is beneficial for your own self and for the society as a whole!

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