Who Am I?- The Best Way To Know Your True Identity

Who Am I?- The Best Way To Know Your True Identity

Who Am I?: An Introduction

“Who Am I”, is the most common question asked by people who have decided to take the spiritual path. This is a very fundamental question for any living creature on Earth esp. human beings. If people come to know who they really are they will live magically! So, what is the answer to this evolutionary question?

You Are Not What You Think! 

Are we our thoughts, our emotions, our beliefs, or our physical body? NO!! How can we be something that keeps on changing! Nature has made everyone of us unique and anything that is common among people is not you. Commonality comes from the urge for security and belief systems. People believe something that is similar to beliefs of others so that they do not feel foolish and have a ‘safety valve’. But this cannot tell you who you actually are! The question, “Who Am I”, is a much deeper concept than you can ever imagine.

Know Who You Really Are!

To know your real self you will have to go through a lot of pain in current times! This is because you will have to give all you have. I don’t mean literally when I say this! But to find yourself you have to dissociate yourself from everything you have gathered i.e. your thoughts, belief systems, physical body, emotions. When you will be able to look beyond all these, will you be able to see the life you actually are! But this is not a simple task. This is because we have associated ourselves so much with the above gathered things that it has virtually become impossible to find our true selves. But this doesn’t mean that you will never be able to satisfy your curiosity regarding the question,”Who Am I”!

Who Am I?: Conclusion

Every human being has a natural urge to know his nature of existence and rightly so! There are several exercises that we can do daily so as to achieve our real self over a period of time. The bigger the number of thoughts and belief systems you have and the stronger you are attached to them, would mean that you will take greater amount of time to achieve your real self. So, what are the exercises which we can do to answer “Who Am I” to the best of our ability? 
You don’t have to go to the mountains to meditate for this as claimed by many. It is very much possible to live here among your family and friends and still achieve your true self. You should start dissociating yourself from everything you have. Remind yourself every now and then that anything that is temporary is not you! When you see a Bollywood movie, you start acting like the hero of the movie. Or when you have a role model that you aspire to become like, your quest to achieve your true self is weakened. Do not try to mimic or emulate others. Doing this for a given amount of time that varies from person to person, you will move into NOTHINGNESS and slowly you would become NOTHING experientially. What you are when you are nothing, is the Real You! Becoming nothing in your mind and answer the question, “Who Am I”, once and for all!
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