What is Spirituality and Why We Need It

What is Spirituality and Why We Need It

What is Spirituality?


AS countries world over thrive economically and people develop goals of earning limitless money, they are going farther and farther away from their very existence as human-beings. They want all the comforts of life at any cost! This has thus created a big imbalance between the spiritual & materialistic dimensions of human lives. We all know that materialism is the aspiration for the physical things like money, lavish cars, big houses, and even food. But the word spirituality is often misinterpreted and confused with a lot of things. Some think that it means leaving all the comforts of life and becoming a Brahmachari. For others, it means studying their souls i.e. what soul is, where does it come from and where does it go after death, etc. Some people even believe that worshipping god is spirituality. So, let’s explore what spirituality is actually about.


What is Spirituality?


You are living on planet Earth and walking on it. You are eating the food that is produced from the soil you walk upon. Basically, you are made up of this soil! So, there can’t be anything like, if I use the physical or material goods then I can’t be spiritual. Spirituality means that we start paying attention to the life that we are! It means remaining conscious of everything that happens inside of you. It means how the ‘Intangible You’ functions within the physical realm of your body. This includes the mind, your emotions and your energy systems. Hence, spirituality means turning inward and knowing the nature of your life completely by paying undivided and consistent attention to it!


Why We Need Spirituality?


The next question that would naturally come to mind is that why we need spirituality? As an individual, it is needed so that we are peaceful, happy, joyful or sometimes even ecstatic by our own nature and not because of something or someone you have. Just by yourself! The life within us is such an exciting and interesting phenomena that if you touch that dimension, you can’t help being mesmerized by it. You would not need an external stimulus to make you joyful or loving. The problems of depression, mental instability or even heart diseases and Cancer are the results of not paying attention to what happens within. Your body warns you and gives you signals every time there is a mental or physical problem on its way. But the problem is that we refuse to listen to our body or our mind. It is unfortunate that we have developed a whole belief system that is prejudiced against the human brain. It says that your brain always says things that are negative and useless! No, your brain might be telling you that if you eat Pizzas and Burgers on a daily basis, you might get chronic ailments. Doesn’t it remind you of the danger of walking in front of a speeding car on the road? Your brain is not being negative but it is giving you enough reasons to be away from what is not good for you and your body! When you don’t trust your own brain, what do you think you would do to others and they would do to you? This has made the world the mess it is currently. We need to embrace truth and not our beliefs because truth helps you when you are in danger, not your beliefs! If you keep eating junk and believe nothing would happen, truth will hit you in the face really hard, sooner or later! But, spirituality doesn’t only have the purpose of protecting you. It can also make you do things that are considered superhuman. Hence, spirituality is the bridge that connects you to your inner truth enabling you to live the kind of life you truly deserve!


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