The Washington State Department Agriculture confirmed that a moth with wing size of 10 inches was seen in the U.S. for the first time.

World’s Largest Moth Seen For The First Time in U.S.

The name of this world’s largest moth species is atlas moth. It was discovered in Bellevue after which the state agency was reported about it.

The moth was handed over to the U.S. Department of Agriculture which recognised its identity. This is the first detection of atlas moth in the country.

Sven Pichiger, who is the managing entomologist at the state’s agri department called it a ‘gee-whiz’ type of an insect due to its size.

Sven said that the striking size of the moth makes people take their picture which works in favour of Washington Agri officials and determine atlas moth population.

Atlas moth is normally a tropical moth and it needs to be seen whether it could survive in the U.S. conditions.

Not too much is known about the atlas moth in the U.S. but entomologists believe cherries and apples to be its host plants.

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