Everybody knows that smoking is injurious to health. But do you know another very important reason why you should quit smoking?

Why To Quit  Smoking

People smoke because it gives them a high, makes them "peaceful", and lets them think faster and better. But what if the reality is something else?

The "peace" that is experienced by smoking is actually quite a dangerous trade-off. Smoking kills your ability to sense situations.

It feels like it is relaxing you but the reality is that it takes away your ability to comprehend situations. It degrades the quality of your decisions & choices.

Smoking is a vicious cycle of addiction. Every time you smoke, your ability to sense goes down further and the need to smoke more increases .

The feeling that you can think faster and better is also a farce. It symbolises anxiety which is due to the inability to reach a sensible decision.

Smoking traps you into making the wrong decisions in life. Quit smoking and replace it with meditation which will relax you and also heighten your senses!

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