Why Giving Up is Not An Option

Life is full of challenges. So much so that every step may feel impossible to take. But giving up is not an option in life.

When we accept defeat and give up in any area of life, it slowly spreads to other aspects to make life more and more difficult.

When we give up in life, the number, frequency, and intensity of challenges rise on us. But if we don't give up, we can turn challenges into opportunities for ourselves.

You may refuse to give up in life in 3 simple steps. First, when you feel like giving up, take a complete break from the thing troubling you.

Next, take rest mentally & physically. Then when you feel rested, reflect on the things you can do differently to improve the outcome. Brain-storm your life itself!

And when you feel mentally & physically ready to go once again, come back stronger and with a clear plan. Be ready to deal with the situations one on one & one by one.

Sometimes we take life all at once. Break it down to its simplest form and take it as it comes. Do not try to avoid it or try too hard to make things work. Accept life before you try to change it!

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