Why Does Deja Vu  Happen To You?

Sometimes, it feels that what is happening right now has happened with you before. Everyone experiences deja vu every now and then.

Deja vu gives goosebumps! Some people feel they experienced the moment in their dreams. Other think similarity of two different situations creates the feeling.

There is too much speculation around deja vu. Too much confusion and too few explanations about it. Let's unveil the secret of deja vu!

The human mind works round the clock. It works even when we are asleep. It continuously keeps creating various permutations and combinations of various possible situations.

We store all the feelings of these various permutations and combinations of situations. But most them are stored in our subconscious mind making them inaccessible to us.

When the accessible ones among these feelings happen in reality, we feel we have been through that situation before. It's the overlap of the feeling and actual situation that makes deja vu happen.

Our brain is more capable than we can ever imagine. Deja vu is a very small example of its capability, complexity and the intelligence it possesses.

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