People are confused about the right time to meditate during the day.  So, when should you meditate?

When Should I Meditate?

There is no right or wrong time to meditate. It depends on when you need it. There are 3 situations when you need to meditate.

The first instance when you need meditation is when you are feeling restless or high on adrenaline. You need meditation to calm down and get normal.

This "normal" needs to be maintained. Meditation is not a random isolated act of becoming peaceful. It is a way of life that you become.

The second situation when you need to meditate is when you fall out of it. Whenever you feel you are unable to be yourself, meditate to re-attain  your true self.

This means that the third time when you need to meditate is ALWAYS! What began with a simple action should now become who you are.

You should be meditative irrespective of what you are doing. When you achieve this feat, you can work & achieve anything in life.

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