The United States is feared to be moving into a recession. Prices are soaring and the stock market is slowing down.

What The US Recession Means Spiritually

If the recession actually hits the economy, jobs would go tumbling, The Fed would hike interest rates, and businesses would incur losses.

But have you thought about the spiritual effects of recession on the United States? Recession originates in the minds of the people. They call it 'Consumer Sentiment'.

When a large number of people get negative about the state of the economy, recession is created. It is like a person's worst nightmare coming true.

If you keep focusing on something you fear, it is bound to be realised. Isn't everything in the world a creation of the human mind?

And if and when recessions hit the United States, the higher prices would cause a lower consumption and thus a lower quality of life.

Quality of life is nothing but the happiness you feel in your life. Thus, the US recession would make people more sad.

The crux of the matter is that focusing on the wrong things makes you sad. Only when you change your thought-process from negative to positive, will everything around you bloom or I should say "boom"!

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