What Does A Beard  Say About A Man

Beard grows naturally on men. When a man keeps a beard, it says many things about him and his personality.

A beard is a natural "ornament" of masculinity. It also protects men from the cold. But it has more than just ornamental or protective significance.

Of all the things, the most important thing that a beard symbolises about a man is his wisdom. He may not be wise to begin with, but if he keeps the beard, the wisdom grows.

A man's beard also tells that he knows how to stand his ground. It's a sign of his strength, resilience, and patience.

Last but probably the most important thing that a beard tells about a man is his sensitivity. He can sense everything that is going around within and around him. He is a visionary!

Hair on the head symbolises a sharp brain. It's why women are considered to be smarter than men. But facial hair tells the ability to sense through the body!

A beard brings intelligence to the masculine and thus makes them complete. Any man without a beard will always feel something to be missing from his life!

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