Massive 174MP Moon Photo By Two Astrophotographers Took 2 Years To Make

Two photographers, Andrew McCarthy and Connor Matherne, made colorful & brilliant pictures of the Moon.

The 174-megapixel picture, which subtleties the Moon's tones, pits, and sparkle, was a cooperative exertion between two skilled astrophotographers who have various qualities.

McCarthy, whose routine work has practical experience in extensive photos while Matherne is a space palette ace.

The pair named the work, The Hunt for Artemis, a recognition for the impending Artemis 1 mission that will send off before long from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Subsequent to engaging over web, the pair set off on a mission to catch a far reaching perspective on the Moon.

McCarthy shot more than 200,000 photographs from Arizona of the Earth's sole natural satellite, while Matherne took one more 500 from Lousiana to catch the shades.

To catch such a rich picture, the pair utilized the photograph stacking method to finally produce the last picture.

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