The Power of  Silence

The ability to speak and communicate is considered to be a great power. It lets you express, influence, and lead!

But do you know what is more powerful than words? It's Silence! Silence is a boon for your mind, body, and life itself!

Silence boosts your intelligence exponentially. It lets you observe, analyse, and act with conviction & precision.

Your enemies fear your silence. It's because it keeps them guessing about your next move. Thus, silence keeps you safe and ahead of your enemies.

When you are silent, you are given more respect anywhere you go. It's because silence symbolises knowledge & wisdom. It gets you things without breaking a sweat!

Silence during an argument gets you out of trouble quickly. It lets you maintain your composure and thus stay peaceful. It helps you avoid doing things you may regret later.

If words are weapons, silence is an arsenal. With words you may go off-track but silence always delivers the best results and makes you a true leader!

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