The Pixel 6a Continues Google's Reign in Durability Segment

Today, it's the Pixel 6a's chance to help put through a lot.

JerryRigEverything, he has recently tried all Google's Pixel phones, most as of late putting the Pixel 6 Pro through a glove of strength tests the previous fall.

That specific gadget ran through with no issues, however with the Pixel 6a's sticker price cut down to half contrasted with the 2021 leader.

The Gorilla Glass 3 covering the display scratches to the surprise of no one — it's anything but a sapphire screen.

In the mean time, the casing around the gadget is affirmed as metal, scratching and scraping under Zack's disposable cutter.

The back is sure plastic, regardless of how great it feels, that material decision prompts quite possibly of the best "Craftsmanship Class with Jerry" sections I've found.

In spite of some negligible showcase twisting, the telephone can endure breaking down the middle. It's not something you can say about each midrange gadget nowadays.

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