Embracer Group went on a late-evening spending spree, getting a host of developers and properties.

The Biggest Gaming News For August 18, 2022

Embracer Group has started the process to procure the media rights to both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

For movies, TV shows, games, and some other type of media you can imagine, Embracer is currently the one green lighting expected projects.

Embracer has uncovered that a major AAA title has been shifted starting with one designer then onto the next

Avalanche Studios prime supporter Ben Hanson has uncovered that the designer had an open-world Iron Man game being developed for a very long time.

Squanch Games' next huge venture High on Life has been postponed by six weeks so that it gives the group time to iron out bugs.

Dead Island 2 was listed on Amazon yesterday, turning into the first time we've really seen the game resurface in some limit since it was reported eight years prior.

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