Scientists Discover A Peculiar  “Diamond” From Outer Space

There have been arguments for and against the existence of a celestial diamond. Finally, scientists have found it on the Earth’s surface.

It’s a stone called lonsdaleite and is harder and stronger than a regular diamond. According to a study, the wonder stone hit Earth through a meteorite.

The scientists could reengineer the chemical composition of the “diamond” thus making it fit for manufacture and a possible commercial use.

According to a theory, the meteorite that brought the lonsdaleite, is believed to have come from the mantle of a 4.5 billion years old dwarf planet.

It is being said that the small planet was violently hit by an asteroid which led to release of pressure leading to the formation of the peculiar stone.

Lonsdaleite also has carbon as a significant component but showcases a rare hexagonal structure which is responsible for it being 58% harder than usual diamonds.

This super hardness of the diamond from space could prove to be a boon for manufacturing ultra-durable industrial products and parts.

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