Queen's Shooting Star Was Actually Meteor, Not SpaceX Junk

A rapid fireball was noticed in the night sky in Scotland and Northern Ireland which was initially thought to be SpaceX junk.

But the UK Meteor Network has confirmed that it was indeed a meteor. The sparkling meteor ran through the skies with a green glow and dusty tail.

Many people hoped it was a shooting star to give the Queen a perfect send-off or King Charles a befitting reception, but were left disappointed.

Meteors as they enter the atmosphere are thrice as fast as space junk, hence making it visible for only a few seconds.

But the object that was seen in the sky remained visible for 20 seconds which is too slow for a meteor and explains why it was thought to be spaceX junk.

Usually, space junk lasts a very long time in the sky and covers a lot of ground before they fall onto the ground. 

The leftovers of the meteor is reported to have landed in the North Atlantic Ocean. It fell about 75 km west of the Isle of Islay which lies in the southern part of Scotland.  

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