Why were you born? Were you born to accomplish any particular task? Were you born simply to live till you die one day? Or were you born without any purpose whatsoever?

Purpose of Life

The purpose of any activity is its very soul. When you sit idle, the purpose could be meditation or simply killing time. So, different purposes for the same work may give completely different results.

Thus, you need a good purpose and its clear understanding to  give your life the  right direction.

Similarly, life can be heaven or hell for  different people.

The purpose of any human life may be threefold: 1. Peace 2. Freedom 3. Success Every other purpose lies in between these and is in some  way associated with them. 

Peace is the most fundamental purpose of human lives. But if it is your only purpose, freedom & success will elude you. And peace will eventually destroy itself.

Freedom is an extension of your inner peace. It is needed to stay peaceful, capable, and moving. But freedom is also capable of being misused hence taking you off track.

Success is the biggest purpose of human life in the physical world. You need success in earning money, food, and respect in society. But success without peace and freedom is rendered meaningless.

Peace, Freedom, & Success are incomplete without each other. Thus, choose all to make your life colourful, complete & beautiful.

When you set the right destination, you cannot go off track or get lost. Hence, setting the right purpose gives you the commitment & assurance toward creating a life of the highest quality.  

Irrespective of what happens in your life, every direction is the right direction when you have chosen the right purpose for yourself. 

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