Oklahoma Doctor Raises Concerns About Polio Virus

A perilous infection, when thought done spreading in the U.S., is back. An individual in New York tested positive for polio.

Polio is a viral sickness that causes influenza like side effects in the vast majority, yet in a little rate will cause either meningitis, loss of motion, even death.

Harking back to the 1940s, around 35,000 Americans each year were deadened in view of polio. Former President Franklin Roosevelt was left incapacitated by the infection.

The postponement and reduction in youth immunizations could spread sicknesses like Polio, and it's very disturbing.

The more individuals locally that you have that are possibly contaminated and the more individuals you have that are not immunized, the infection could spread.

There are two different ways polio can spread - respiratory or by contact. Specialists have cautioned Oklahomans to go to preventive lengths before polio turns into a danger.

Individuals haven't contemplated Polio in quite a while. It's actually being seen all over the planet. Be that as it may, ensure your children are timely updated on the antibodies.

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