Netflix’s documentary ‘Untold’ Talks About Catfishing With Manti Te’o

9 years ago, Deadspin exposed the truth about how former footballer Manti Te’o dated a woman who did not exist.

Te’o had an online relationship with a fake girl named Lennay Kekua who he said had died which was also not true.

Te’o in the Netflix documentary says he got easily persuaded about his fake girlfriend as in 2009 nobody knew what catfishing was.

Netflix is now making a documentary on the whole episode in which it shows that Te’o’s problem was bigger than just Facebook messages.

All of this began during his freshman year when Te’o received a Facebook friend request from a girl he believed to be Lennay Kekua.

He was tricked into believing that she had things in common with him, namely, his Polynesian background and religious upbringing.

Te’o, in Netflix’s documentary, reveals how the whole scandal shook his self-confidence and affected his football performance and success.

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