NASA Mars Helicopter Goes for a Hop, Proves It's Still Airworthy

Ingenuity is combating dust, frosty temperatures and low power, however it endures.

The striking flying machine has outlasted its normal life expectancy and endured specialized messes.

Frosty temperatures and dusty circumstances have made it hard to charge its sunlight based controlled batteries enough to make headway. Be that as it may, it actually flies.

The short-jump flight was intended to cover simply 6.5 feet and most recent 33 seconds, yet that little jump is no joking matter for the helicopter.

It's colder time of year in Jezero Crater where the Perseverance rover (which doesn't depend on sun oriented power) is investigating an old waterway delta district.

Ingenuity hasn't been getting sufficient daylight to completely charge its batteries, so it got away from flight.

Flight 29 occurred on June 11, so the helicopter has endured over two months of cold short-term temperatures.

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