NASA is planning a huge computing upgrade for its next space missions.

NASA is at last modernising its 30-year-old spaceflight chips.

NASA has chosen Microchip Technology to foster a High-Performance Spaceflight Computing (HPSC) processor.

It says will give no less than multiple times the computational limit of current spaceflight PCs.

NASA's primary technologist for cutting edge flying, and "future NASA missions request essentially expanded locally available computing capacities and dependability".

Micro processor will attempt to plan and convey the HPSC processor over the course of the following three years fully intent on utilizing the processor on future missions.

The work will happen under a $50 million firm-fixed-cost agreement, with Microchip contributing critical innovative work expenses to finish the task.

NASA says the capacity will save a lot of energy and further develop by and large computing productivity for space missions.

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