NASA has distinguished 13 competitor landing areas close to the lunar South Pole.

NASA Identifies Lunar Landing Sites for Next Americans on Moon

A portion of the locales incorporate Faustini Rim A, Peak Near Shackleton, Connecting Ridge, Connecting Ridge Extension, de Gerlache Rim 1, de Gerlache Rim 2, and de Gerlache-Kocher Massif.

This will be the first of the Artemis missions to carry space explorers to the lunar surface and will incorporate the first woman to go to the Moon.

Every one of these locales is situated inside six degrees of latitude of the lunar South Pole.

This is a region of the Moon that contains forever shadowed areas wealthy in assets and in territory neglected by people.

Between them, they contain a different combination of geologic highlights. Together, the districts give landing choices to all potential Artemis III send off valuable open doors.

Different spots guarantee adaptability to send off all through the year since explicit landing locales are firmly coupled to the planning of the send off window.

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