Mystery Illness Killing Dogs in Michigan

State and government organizations are researching the secret infection that has killed somewhere around 30 canines in Michigan.

The unidentified infection leads to intense gastrointestinal issues and by and large kills youthful canines inside three to five days.

Symptoms of the infection are like parvovirus, which causes comparable discomforts and is spread by means of canine to-canine contact and debased excrement.

Symptoms of this dangerous yet unidentified canine ailment incorporate horrendous looseness of the bowels, retching and torpidity.

The little ones and more seasoned canines are more helpless prone to get the infection, and the vast majority of those killed were younger than 2.

Different government authorities and different accomplices are attempting to find the reason for the sickness that has been influencing canines in the state for beyond two months.

Melissa FitzGerald, the animal control chief for Otsego County where the infection started, told the Detroit Free Press that the canines who died tested negative for parvo.

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