Moon Rocket of NASA Returns To Its Launchpad

NASA announced that its giant Space Launch System would be getting an early start to its lunar journey ahead of the scheduled Aug. 29.

The Space Launch System is the most powerful rocket since Saturn V which went to the moon in the 1960s and 1970s.

It will lead to the launch of NASA’s Artemis I mission which is an uncrewed test of its enormous rocket and the Orion spacecraft.

The launchpad, also known as Launch Complex 39B, was first used in the 1960s for the Apollo program.

The Crawler Transporter, which is a huge vehicle, hosts the rocket and the launch tower. It also carried the Saturn V for the moon landings.

The Crawler Transporter can carry a load of up to 18 million pounds. Its speed will be up to 1 mile per hour to the launch site.

NASA will be broadcasting the launch on Tuesday night through Wednesday morning that can be watched on one of its YouTube channels.

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