Is Competition Good or Bad?

Competition is considered to be good by most of the people. But it's a big myth!

Competition may be natural for other species. But for human beings who are endowed with intelligence & choice,  it's unfortunate.

Competition fills a person's life with unnatural energy, unwanted jealousy, and an avoidable  ego clash.

A competitive person knows no other way to progress in life. He becomes selfish, mean, and insensitive to other people's feelings.

It's even worse when you compete with yourself. The pressure that was outside till now, starts entering  your mind. One develops  anxiety, restlessness,  and depression.

The right way to live life is to learn to keep moving ahead with freedom. Do things according to the need of the hour without  comparing yourself with anyone.

Competition leads to comparisons which eventually leads to  sadness. Since, we are unique, we don't need competition but  clarity & conviction  to succeed in life.

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