I Have No Friends  And I Like It

Life without friends may mean boredom to some. But there are people who don't have any friends and are fine with themselves.

There is nothing wrong in having no friends. It simply means that you enjoy your own company more than anyone else's which is amazing.

When a person doesn't need anyone else to be happy, he has found happiness within himself. He has turned his loneliness into fulfilment.

When we are our best friend, life is a beautiful journey full of excitement and thrill. We have all the time in the world and we love each moment  of our lives.

The only challenge when we are our best friend is that we tend to cut off from rest of the world. If we reach the most beautiful destination, it doesn't mean we should stop traveling!

We being happy in our company should just be the starting of a great life. Share your joy and happiness with others. Teach them your way and try to learn theirs. Mix it up to find some balance.

Life is awesome when we are with our true selves but it can be made more colourful only when we reach out to others too. Life is a carnival, don't restrict it to a solo house party.

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