If thinking is an asset, thinking faster can be a weapon! It will give a positive boost to your idea generation, debating ability, and actions.

How To Think  Faster

Thinking fast has the potential to fast track your life on the path of success. It can set you free and make you stand out in a crowd. It can become your USP!

To think faster than normal, you have to be mentally strong. It's because it needs you to cover a whole set of thoughts about something exhaustively in no time.

You should not get attached to the thoughts you get. Let them flow easily & naturally. You have to continuously observe them to be able to comprehend and extract an average inference.

You have to master the art of filtering useless thoughts and focusing on the ones that hold substance or meaning for you. This itself would increase your thinking speed exponentially.

People's clarity of thoughts nosedives as the number of thoughts in their mind increases. This is the most important thing you need to work upon to think faster.

The ability to think faster would give you clarity, confidence, and peace of mind which would reinforce your ability to think faster while doing an activity.

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