Being in the company  of a constant complainer can be very frustrating. 

How To Tell Someone  To Stop Complaining?

It eats into your inner peace, creates negativity within you, and annoys  you to your core. It penalises you for no fault of yours.

But complaints damage  the complainer even  more. Complaining too much makes them a negative person. It  prevents them from  being stable  & productive.

Thus, if you care for someone who complains  all the time, you must help them out. You need to ensure that complaints don't ruin your mood and their life.

To help the chronic complainer, you first  need to listen to them. See if their complaints are genuine and if  they are, cater to them.

Even if their complaints don't have any substance, you still need to be sympathetic. You need to show that you  understand. You need to show your support.

If the complaints still do not go away, you need to tell them that their complaints are hurting them big time.

If the complainer is  close to you, you can  also tell them that it  pains you to see them  in that situation.  Tell them that you  want to see them  happy & positive.

They may not be  willing to change their  complaining ways for themselves but when they  realise that it's affecting others badly, they would stop complaining.

When you turn the complainer's complaints into responsibility, you have not only protected yourself from complaints but have also set the complainer free for life.

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