Material Life is all about setting goals and achieving them. How well you do this explains how well you have lived your life.

How To Set Goals And Achieve Them

Goal-setting and achievement is an art that needs to be developed and mastered. It takes focus, perseverance, and commitment, to be  able to do this.

While setting goals you need to be conscious of three things. Your goals should be relevant, practical, and meaningful to your life.

Relevant means it should be in line with your aspirations, skills, and ability. Practical means it should be realistic and achievable. Meaningful means it should make  your life happier.

Your goals decide the direction of your life. So, be very careful while choosing or setting them. Set only those goals that really matter to you. Do not waste your time in meaningless goals.

Achieving goals is equally, if not more challenging than setting them. It takes everything you have got to achieve your goals.

Achieving goals starts with planning, needs execution of those plans, and also requires improvisation on the way. Finally, it demands temperament to be  able to accomplish  them successfully.

Good plans entail optimal utilisation of the resources you have. Execution needs you to use those resources towards the main goal. Improvisation needs adaptation to uncertainties.

Temperament to achieve a set goal is probably the most important thing. When your confidence or focus shakes just before achieving the goal, you need temperament. And it cannot be taught!

 Development of temperament needs fearlessness and a strong mind that doesn't get shackled. Also, you need to be able to break all barriers that may keep you from achieving your goal.

Remember, the process of setting and achieving goals should be kept natural. If you try too hard to make things work, things would keep slipping away from you.

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