Reading people and their thoughts & behaviour may prove to be a rewarding skill. It helps you protect yourself and take calculated actions.

How To  Read People?

People think it is an impossible task to read other people. It's not! If you do the right things, you will get the right outcomes .

The first thing you need to do to read people is to not make conclusions about them. Don't label them as good or bad.

Next, observe everything about them, their movements, what they say, how they behave, among other things.

Observation without conclusions would give you a clear & precise idea of the kind of person you are with.

Continue not to paint a concrete character sketch of them at any point. It's because it might keep changing, improving, or adapting.

People are read in the moment and not in imagination. So, read them on the basis of what they are in front of you and act accordingly without creating any rigid notions about them.

When you can read people and their intentions well, you can be friends even with your enemies because they can no more harm you in any way.

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