How To Practice Mindfulness

The human mind is the biggest asset one can have. Mindfulness can be used to harness the hidden power of our mind.

Mindfulness is a state in which your mind is fully focused on something. You have let it enter your mind completely which has given you the power to understand it in its entirety.

For things to enter your mind, you need to have an open mind. And an open mind can be attained when you are absolutely silent, still, and calm from within. It lets your mind absorb the "information".

The picture of the thing enters your imagination. You can see it from every possible angle within your mind. And this picture tells everything about that thing's past, present, and future.

And this information about the thing that is achieved through mindfulness can then be used towards planning, decision-making or accomplishing a certain task.

In some way, everyone of us practices mindfulness everyday. For every kind of decision-making, you subconsciously use mindfulness. But the level or quality of this mindfulness is very low.

Imagine if we could practice mindfulness at our potential. It would give an unimaginable level of cerebral capability that would be enough to solve all your problems very easily.

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