How To Overcome  Self Doubt

To move forward in life we need self-confidence. But there are moments when we doubt & question our abilities.

Self-doubts are natural occurrences and they are quite healthy. But if they come frequently in the form of gigantic tsunami waves, we need to do something.

When you start doubting yourself too much, accept that something is wrong. Our mind doesn't say something without  any reason.

Think of the possible weak areas that need to be corrected. For example, if you doubt whether you will clear a job interview or not, may be you lack the necessary  communication skills.

Once you know your weakness and the reason for the self-doubt, work on it and strengthen your skills. Do not stop until you have fixed the issue completely!

Do not stay troubled by self-doubts. Don't try to slide them under the carpet, either. It won't make them go away. Accept, identify, and remove them from their roots.

Self-doubts when left unattended turn into incapability, frustration, and failures. Take your self-doubts as an opportunity to transform yourself into something amazing!

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