Everyone wants their dreams to become a  reality and their worst nightmares to go away.

How To Make Your Dreams Come True

There is a secret tip which can make this happen for you. You have to follow a single rule to achieve it.

Never reveal either your dreams or your fears to anyone. Dreams when shared don't come true while fears when expressed start  taking shape.

When we don't share our dreams with anyone, we truly want it to happen. But when we share it, we just want to impress people and are not really serious about them.

Likewise, when we don't share our fears, we fight  it alone with all our strength. But when we share it, we start  expecting others to  help us out.

This is why telling our dreams prevent them from happening and sharing our fears brings them to life. This means silence is the key to a successful life.

We are the creators of our lives. We create both good and bad things for ourselves. If  we can develop an understanding of how our mind works, we can create exactly what we want.

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