How To Make  A Marriage Work

Marriage is a social institution and not a heavenly body. It needs hard work to make it work.

It needs dedication, commitment, and true love to be able to hold onto somebody you really want to be with for life.

Dedication in a marriage means that once you get married, you stay true to the vows you took, not by force, but by choice.

Commitment means to not give up on your partner or the marriage even in the worst of circumstances. Evolve out of challenges and not succumb to them.

True love for your partner means to do everything for them without expecting anything in return. They being with you is more than enough to keep you happy forever!

Marriage is not a privilege but a responsibility. So, instead of taking your partner for granted, value every smallest thing they do for you.

A marriage is a lifelong commitment and not a short-term compromise. It needs you to stay with it even in the darkest of hours and make it work.

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