How To Increase Brain Power in  7 Minutes

The quality of your life depends on how powerful your brain is and how much and how fast it can work for you.

People say that a sharp brain is god's gift and that it cannot be made powerful. It's a myth! You can make your brain as powerful as you want to.

The human brain performs 3 basic kinds of functions: Stabilise, Memorise, & Analyse. To develop them, you need time & effort.

But these brain functions that define its power may also be boosted in the moment for short-term gains. And it is not too difficult to pull this off!

To begin with, you need to calm down your mind so that you may build upon this calmness to boost your intelligence.

Stabilisation of the mind can be done in 3 steps. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and let your thoughts flow uninterrupted.

Next comes memorisation. It's a very important function of your brain. To boost your mind's retention power instantly, you need to build on the stability of your mind.

Memorisation needs you to do 3 things sequentially. Do not try to memorise, keep looking at the thing you want to memorise, and do not try too hard to recall what you just memorised.

Analysis also needs to be built upon the calmness of your mind. It gives you an insight into something from all possible angles & possibilities. It can be activated in 3 steps.

Keep your mind open and don't try to avoid any kind of thought. Let your mind observe and imagine freely and without any pressure. Instead of a single conclusion, extract an average opinion.

This trick would help you  when you need it to help you instantly, for example, while preparing for an exam or interview. Practice it daily to build a powerful brain in the long-term as well.

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