How To Deal With  Toxic People

We want to live a simple & peaceful life. But toxic people try to fill it with negativity, troubles,  and trauma.

We need to find a way to deal with toxic people or our lives would become like theirs which  is full of poison and difficulties.

The simplest way to deal with toxic people is to stay away from them as far as possible. Ignore them or keep minimum contact with them.

If ignoring them is not possible, maintain a very straight-forward relation with them. Do not get involved with them intricately in any way.

If toxic people try to drag you into an argument or fight, do not help them succeed. Maintain your composure and do not stoop down to their level.

Say what you have to and get away from them. End your relation with them forever, if possible. It's their loss and your benefit.

Remember, it's your life and it's about you. Do not let toxic people have a say in it. It may be tempting but do not give toxic people what they want!

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