How To Deal  With A Narcissist

There is a long list of personality types who are difficult to handle. Narcissists will find a place in the top three of that list every single time.

Dealing with a narcissist isn't easy. They are self-obsessed people who crave attention and admiration from others while they treat people badly.

What a narcissist does isn't our business. So, if they keep complimenting their self, stay indifferent. You can ignore what they say completely and stay busy in your own thing.

Narcissists would want you to say good things about them. You don't have to oblige. But you don't have to be rude, either.  Just stay diplomatic! 

But if a narcissist tries to insult you or belittle you, do stand up for yourself. Politely ask them not to use offending words. If they do, never  look back again.

Narcissists need to be taught a lesson so that they do not try to use their mean ways again. Only when you do the needful, will a narcissist mend his ways.

Unfortunately, narcissism is a pretty strong personality type which seldom changes. The best you can do with them is to either stay away or safeguard your dignity while dealing with them.

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