Character development of a person is the foundation of his life. Big things, to be accomplished, need character.

How To Build  Character?

Character means a clear development, understanding, and reflection of who you are. Character to be built, needs numerous sacrifices of things you are not.

You are free to choose the  type of character you want to develop yourself to be. But once you have chosen the path, you should stay true to it.

Straying off the chosen path or a constant change of paths would delay or may even deny the development of your character. It may make you completely lost in life.

Character-building has a time-frame within which it should be developed. If it's breached, it becomes increasingly more difficult to be built in one's lifetime.

Character building needs a strong decision-making, dedication to the process, and an unshakeable focus or vision of your path.

Once character is built, it serves as the lens through which the person looks at the world. Everything becomes crystal-clear  to him.

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