We live a life defined by our habits. Good habits help us rise while bad ones pull us down in life.

How To Break  A Bad Habit

Bad habits are stronger and have greater impact on our lives. Thus, we have to move away from them and stay invested in our good habits.

Giving up bad habits is not easy. Thus, you have to break down this whole process into simple steps before you can turn it into a reality.

The first step of breaking a bad habit is to reduce indulging in it. Any progress would do. Don't panic even if some days go the other way.

Next, when you develop the confidence to gain some control over yourself, set a goal to minimise the bad habit in your life. Use all your resolve to make  it a success.

And finally, when you have the situation in your grip, give up the bad habit completely and replace it with a good habit which would prevent the bad habit from resurfacing.

Stay invested in your good habits and never let your guard down. When your life becomes a bunch of good habits, you would continuously keep scaling new heights in life.

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