How To Be  More Assertive

Assertiveness is an art very few people manage to master. Others agree to almost everything they are asked.

When someone asks you for a favour, are you not able to say 'no' just because you can’t? Learn to be assertive!

Give up shame! There is no shame in saying 'no' when you don’t want to say 'yes'. Speak for yourself, not others.

Don’t be a mindless people-pleaser. You cannot keep pleasing people all your life. Give it up right now.

Never say ‘yes’ under pressure. It may give you short-term security but  it has long-term repercussions.

Say what you really want and stick to it. It will make your life more simple, clear, and easy to live.

By saying ‘No’ you are not insulting anyone but only giving respect to your choices, preferences, & decisions.

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