There are two types of freedom: Outer & Inner. Outer Freedom is the freedom to 'do' while inner freedom is the freedom to 'be'.

How To Be Free in Life?

Inner freedom is often neglected by people. They think that  the freedom to do what they want is the ultimate thing. But this is not the truth.

One cannot be free in its true sense until they become free within themselves. Inner freedom means you are free from an activity while you do it. 

Inner freedom is the end of irritation, anger, or frustration and the beginning of utmost clarity, precision, and performance.

Hence, inner freedom  gives you the ability to do things which helps you achieve success. And  when you are successful  in life, you can exhibit  outer freedom.

Achieving outer freedom without developing inner freedom is possible but unsustainable. It's because inner freedom is the foundation of one's outer freedom.

Building inner freedom within oneself takes utmost commitment and a firm resolve.It can be done in 3 steps: Distance-Observation-Control.

Distance means you have to practice keeping mental distance from situations. It lets you detach & stay stable in both good &  challenging times.

Observation lets you watch  the situation closely from all possible angles in your mind. This helps you perform a  certain task in a timely, holistic, sensible, and  perfect manner.

Control lets you stay balanced in your approach in times of failures or success. It  lets you see  things as unending processes and not  as dead ends.

Develop inner freedom within you to attain true freedom in your life that lasts forever and lets you achieve the life of your dreams.

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