How The Law of Attraction Works

Is the law of attraction real? Very much! But not many people know how it works. In fact, it won't be wrong if we call the law of attraction the secret of secrets.

Let's unveil this secret now! How can you attract what you want? The universe is operating in 3 dimensions - Spirituality, Nature, Materialism.

If we try to achieve material things, we would repel them. Similarly, Spirituality by itself cannot attract something. We also need to work towards achieving them.

Nature is the source of creation for everything. It has the ability to create whatever it needs to, for example, plant from a seed, fruits from a tree, and so on.

Nature creates everything using the law of attraction. Nature itself is the source of the law of attraction. This means if we become "natural", we can attract whatever we want.

Thus, only when we stay natural and work towards achieving something, can we attract it in our lives. Neither meditation nor working stressfully would work.

The way to become natural is to take control of your mind in your hands and stay in the present moment. When you are natural and fully in the present, you can attract anything into your life!

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