Sleep is a very important aspect of one's life. It puts us to rest, refreshes us, and keeps us completely stress-free for some time.

How Long  Should I Sleep?

But the quality & quantity of sleep are interrelated. So, to get the most of our sleep, we need to sleep for the right amount of  time or hours.

But how many hours of sleep should we take? People considered 6 hours of sleep to be optimal for everyone. But that's in the past now!

The level of stress on body and eyes in the digital age is rising day by day. Thus, the amount of rest needed for eyes has gone up too.

You need to sleep more but if you do, it would lead you to compromise on your work schedules and commitments. Thus, what we need is a  sleep-work balance.

Sleep-work balance can be achieved only by raising the quality of your sleep and not it's quantity. Thus, the  right question is  how should I sleep?

The best way to raise the quality of your sleep is to reduce your stress levels. Practice meditation and do light physical exercises regularly. Also spend time with your family.

As the quality of your sleep rises, the quantity of sleep needed by your mind & body would automatically reach its right number for you.

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