Have You Heard of Metaverse?  Know what It is exactly!

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The metaverse utilises virtual and augmented reality to virtually make you believe you are in a different world.

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Getting hold of the metaverse isn’t very difficult. All you need to do is to put on a virtual reality headset and have a set of controllers in your hands.

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Metaverse is extensively being used in various fields that include gaming, shopping, education, job training, availing a doctor, and communication.

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Metaverse also allows you to make money. It helps you trade in property, cryptocurrency, Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs), and normal goods.

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According to scientists, in the coming 5-10 years, meta verse would become the norm and everyone will be a part of it.

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It would attract people towards itself very strongly. People would start preferring meta verse to reality.

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Many 90s movies were based on the concept of metaverse. Some of them were Snow Crash and the Matrix series were all about the metaverse!

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