God  Answers Prayers  in 3 Ways

Everyone prays to god for peace, good health, and financial stability & growth.

But only some people say god gave them what they prayed for. Others feel disappointed and are left inconsolable.

God listens to every prayer. The degree, manner, and time of prayers being heard may differ from  person to person.

God answers prayers in 3 ways. All of these ways are blessings in themselves. We should be thankful for them to god every single moment.

The first way god answers our prayers is by keeping us alive. By doing so, he is giving us a chance to fulfil all our wishes. Life is the biggest gift of god to us!

The second way god answers our prayers is by giving us mental & physical health & capability which is needed to work towards fulfilling our wishes.

The third way by which god answers our prayers is by giving us repeated opportunities to fulfil what we want. We are allowed to fail countless number of times.

This means we are given full freedom to achieve what we desire. If we utilise this freedom, we can get any prayer answered. Thus, our prayers are  at our own mercy.

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