Fitbit’s Sense 2 Amps Up Stress Tracking

Fitbit has formally declared what we as a whole knew was coming: the Sense 2, the Versa 4, and the Inspire 3.

This update is more about steady upgrades and refining what you definitely know as opposed to sending off anything progressive.

The $299.95 Sense 2 and $229.95 Versa 4 both have minor presentation changes.

First off, both are more slender and lighter. The button on the two gadgets additionally sits higher up, as does the region where you join lashes.

In the interim, the Sense 2 integrates its wellbeing sensors into the gadget's showcase utilizing "vaporised electrodes."

That doesn't actually change how users interface with the gadget. It's a greater design accomplishment pointed toward packing everything into a smooth, flimsy bundle.

The Sense 2 adds a new persistent electrodermal action (cEDA) sensor to follow the entire day stress.

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