Discovering Your  True Identity is synonymous with living your best possible life! It can change your life dramatically.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

As soon as  we are born,  we become  'outward-oriented'. We curiously look at everything around us but do not question who we really are!

As a child, we watch the whole world curiously without any focus whatsoever on ourselves. We don't wonder or strive to know our true identity.

And as we grow up,  we increasingly get closer to  our physical possessions and  distant from our  true identity.

Finally, when we grow old, fixed in wrong notions about our identity, we long for enlightenment and  self-discovery.

But it's already too late  and almost impossible to  know who we really are! Thus, a lifetime is wasted without exploring or discovering the basic question about  our existence. 


The way to attain  your true self  is very simple. Before we look and wander on the outside, choose to take the journey inside.

3. Attain Nothingness To Finally Discover Your True Self

2. Meditate And Make Peace With Your Thoughts.

 1. Detach Yourself From What You Own

How To Become Inward-Oriented?

Detach yourself mentally from your material possessions like money, relationships, physical belongings, and even your physical body.

Make a habit everyday to  sit in silence with your eyes closed, focussing on your thoughts and letting them flow without getting  bothered by them.

When you get your thoughts sorted, your mind would become peaceful and you  will experience inner peace & nothingness.

In this moment of truth,  you will discover your  true self. Whatever you  think you are in that  moment, is your  true identity. 

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