Deshaun Watson 

Deshaun Watson would be suspended 11 games, fined $5 million and expected to go through an assessment and advising for disregarding the NFL's own lead strategy.

The fine is ridiculously little with regards to the completely ensured agreement (worth $230 million) the Cleveland Browns pampered on Watson in the spring.

Watson's demand Thursday that he is blameless and never physically attacked or even affronted anybody - - that he was saying 'sorry' on the grounds that such countless individuals were "set off"

Given the idea of Watson's supposed way of behaving, and Robinson's finding, it isn't sufficient that Watson moves on.

The association had at first pushed for an entire year suspension, while the NFL Players Association needed significantly less.

The greatest victors, however, may be people in general, who probably will not need to stand by listening to Watson or the Browns' proprietors discuss this again for some time.

Watson's case was one of the most incredibly disturbing the NFL has at any point had including a player.

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