‘Dangerous Misogynist’ Andrew Tate banned from Instagram

Andrew Tate was banned from Instagram & Facebook for violating Meta's policies on 'risky associations and individuals'.

The former  kickboxer and reality television star was eliminated for violating Meta policies "on hazardous associations and individuals", the organization affirmed by email.

Tate previously rose to prominence subsequent to appearing on the TV show Big Brother in 2016, when he was eliminated from the series for beating a lady.

He expressed on Twitter in 2017 that ladies have a place in the home and that assault casualties "bear liability" for their assault, after which Twitter for all time restricted him.

Tate has grown a following for his recommendation recordings to men, a considerable lot of them veering into chauvinist region.

In a proclamation to the Guardian, Tate described a considerable lot of his recordings as spoof, stating he was "playing a comedy character".

Tate has become "difficult to keep away from" via virtual entertainment, and at the hour of his restriction from Meta stages he had more than 4.7 million supporters on Instagram.

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